key Features

seriously simple workflow

We can’t stress this enough - this is just the easiest, most elegant image sharing software on the market. Forget the other items below, the simple, smooth nature of this beautiful beast is reason number one, two, and three why Simple Photo Share is worth checking out. From the clean, focused admin tool to the sleek custom galleries your clients and guests will see, everything in this tool is designed with a purpose, not to be a bullet point on a comparison sheet.

Are you using the sharing functionality that comes bundled with your photo booth software? Are you paying for something else? Try Simple Photo Share once, and chances are, you will never want to use another image sharing software again.

easy event photo sharing software

custom brand integration everywhere

We’ve designed our app to be an invisible tool, where you and/or your clients are the star of every experience. Every single client-facing piece of the tool is designed with a clean, purpose-built sensibility, eliminating any of our own branding, and allowing you to customize the gallery to promote your own brand, or your clients. Whether it’s the image gallery, email content, or even down to our quick email domains and custom release text, we make it easy for you to define the entire experience.

works on any device

Our sharing galleries are responsive web pages that update live and work on any device. Let your guests share their photos from a huge touch screen monitor, or send them to a vanity URL on their own devices - it all works seamlessly, and the custom branding is optimized for whatever device it ends up on.


cross platform, standalone app

Simple Photo Share does not require using any other service, like Dropbox or Twilio or the like; it’s a fully standalone app that runs on any Mac or Windows machine. Run the app on the computer(s) where your images are being saved, watch the folder where they’re saved to, and let your guests access the images on any other device.

lightning fast everything

There’s not much to the app; it just works. Every thing from setting up an event to sharing an image has been designed to be a simple, elegant experience.

You’ll notice our feature list isn’t a huge list of bullet points and jargon. That’s not because we were too cheap or lazy to build those tools; it’s because we know they’re not important. There’s no sharing to Twitter or LinkedIn or the like…because after three years and several million shares via email, we found that three people (yes, just three) opted to post directly to social media. People want to email themselves their images. Every once in awhile, they want to text them. That’s it.

All of these other features clutter the user experience, create confusion, and get in the way of a pretty simple process - you take great photos at an event, we make it super simple for your clients/guests to share them.


We have partnered with Stripe to provide a simple, easy (are you seeing a theme?) way to sell your photos at events.

Once you’ve connected Stripe, you simply turn on the Sales option, set your pricing, and you’re done. Guests will be informed of the price to purchase at the kiosk, and will instantly receive a personalized invoice by email. Once paid, their images are delivered immediately.



bells & whistles that matter


smart Image overlays

Sometimes you want an image overlay, such as a watermark or digital frame. We make it easy to set up separate image overlays for both landscape and portrait orientation.


fully custom html email system

Every aspect of our email system can be customized, including:

  • Reply-to name & address

  • Subject line

  • HTML body



Quick email domains


Since 99% of your guests will be sharing from a touch-enabled device, we’ve made it a little bit easier to finish typing their email address. By default, we provide buttons to complete the most common email domains (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook), but we let you customize it to impress your clients and make things a little bit easier on them.


custom release text

Image releases - we all know we should have people complete them, but we never do. The custom release text lets you craft an explicit release to allow you to display and/or use the images. This can be customized to include your clients as well. It’s another simple little thing, but it makes you look smart, and your clients will love knowing that you captured consent from every single person who shared an image.