Here's the lowdown

For photo booth companies, event photographers, and pretty much anyone taking images on location, instant access to digital copies is really cool.

Unfortunately, most of the sharing products on the market that are made for sharing are ugly, difficult to setup, laden with bells and whistles, and expensive!

We've made a product that is simple, elegant, and only includes the most important features for sharing.

We've also developed a clear, flexible pricing model that allows you to offer our beautiful, affordable sharing option as part of your business without any long-term or up-front commitments.     


The admin DAShboard

The Admin Dashboard is where you setup and customize your event; this can be done on the go, anywhere in the world.


The Desktop App

The Simple Photo Share Desktop App runs on any Mac or Windows machine, and is used to push your images from a local machine to our web service.

Once an image is uploaded from the app, it instantly appears on whatever device(s) you're using as a sharing kiosk.