Sharing with Simple Photo Share is, well, simple. 

  1. Create a new event from the Admin Dashboard.

  2. Using the desktop app, choose a watch folder on your capture machine and set your event LIVE

  3. Save your images to the watch folder

  4. Let your guests revel in how easy and sexy your sharing app is, from any device


How much?

You savvy negotiator, you! On our Pay-As-You go plan, the cost is $25 per credit...hardly enough to put a dent in your margins, and totally worth it for adding sexy, branded sharing to your company's business offering. 

If you have a lot of events, we offer a variety of monthly packages which provide scaled pricing per-event, as low as $10/event. 

How do credits work?

A credit is used to set an event LIVE for 24 hours. You can setup and run an event in TEST mode for as long as you'd like to make sure things are working - in TEST mode, the app is fully functional but your images are watermarked. 

Once you're ready to start your event, you spend one credit to set your event LIVE, and you've got 24 hours of action ahead of you.

If you have a multi-day event, you can spend additional credits up front to extend how long you remain LIVE, or you can add time later.  

What if my guests want their images the next day?

An event needs to be LIVE to upload images, but the sharing functionality always works. People can come back days or weeks later to send themselves photos from the gallery, so no worries about accessing the gallery after the credit has been used.


Generally, about 10-20 seconds. If you're a slow typer, maybe 30. 

Any device? Really?

Yes, Simple Photo Share works on any device with a web browser. That means you can use your own machines for kiosks, or send guests to a custom URL for the event and let them use their own data plan, instead of yours.


What sharing options do you support?

We keep this simple too; guests can share their images to email or text message


Why not social media?

When we started SimpleShare, we built support for all of the popular social media services, and then found that nobody wanted to share directly to social media. They wanted the image on their phone so they could decide when and where to post it later.    


What sort of customization options are supported?

About the only options we built into the product are options that matter to your client - image watermarking, color/logo branding of the sharing gallery/header, and full customization of the HTML email and social media messaging. If it matters, we've got it. If not, it's bells and whistles and just adds complexity.


what about Lead capture?

We've got that too. You can easily download all of the emails and phone numbers from an event for delivery to your client. Plus, we associate them with the shared images, so you can see who those people are.

How Long will my event stick around?

Events will be hosted for 3 months after they expire, after which the event, and the event gallery are deleted. You will receive an email notification one week prior to the event being deleted, so you have a last opportunity to download the event’s data.

If you’d like to keep the event around, you can use a credit to ‘restart the clock’ and buy yourself another 3 months.


Is Simple Photo Share An Archive Tool?

No. Simple Photo Share is designed to share images, GIFs, and videos instantly at an event. It’s not meant to be used for long-term storage or as an archival tools. For that purpose, our favorite site is Pixieset. Like Simple Photo Share, it has a beautiful user experience, and is purpose built for delivering and selling your images after an event.